The Sediments
  Now that is dead (as of 12/2/03), THIS IS THE PLACE for Sediments recordings!!!

The following .mp3 files of The Sediments (and now Neil Innes!)
are currently available for download (128 KB). Right click
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depending on your browser:

NEIL INNES & FRIENDS--Live @ Martyrs', Chicago
(4/21/04; featuring Ken, Pink and Tom)
More NI&F mp3 files from

Rutles Medley
Equestrian Statue
One of Those People
With a Girl Like You/Hey Mr.
Protest Song
Never Alone
Godfrey Daniel
Bold Sir Robin
Love Is Getting Deeper
(Silly "French" version)

"American Cheese" DEMOS
(2002-3 Studio Sessions)
01. American Cheese
02. Livin' Large
03. The New Rome Burns
04. Let's Make The Water Turn Black
05. Democracy Inaction
06. Goodnight Afghanistan
  07. The Good Old Days
08. Promise Keepers
09. Matt Hale's Face
10. Spoon-Fed Fred
11. The Psychic Polka
12. Destination Nome
13. American Coda

(From the 2001 Pub Crawl, 7/28/01)
Uncle Thomas
Cold Turkey
Cheese and Onions
Piggy in the Middle
Black Napkins

(Taken from releases listed in parentheses)
Green Beret (Capitalism, Inc. 1998)
Machines (Liars, Cheats and Acid Freaks)
Nowhere, Man! (Capitalism, Inc. 1992)
American Band (Capitalism, Inc. 1986)

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